Understanding permissions

Why certain users have certain permissions, and how to edit them.

What does it mean for a team member to have permissions?

All team members on Klear have permissions. This refers to whether they are allowed to view, suggest, or directly make changes to certain data and features. When a new user is added to a team, they usually have the default permissions, which allow them to view, but not edit, most features. 

What do these permissions mean?

  • Teams: team member can add and remove other team members
  • Security Settings: team member can adjust permissions of other members
  • Organization Settings: team member can edit organizational profile information in settings.
  • Edit Customers: team member allowed to add or delete customers
  • Create Trade: team members can create a trade
  • Edit a Trade: team members can edit a trade. This includes information about the PO issue date, the target delivery date, the purchase order value, the currency of payment and issuer contact email.
  • Events: team members can edit events in the trades
  • Milestone Updates: team members can either suggest or add a milestone to an active trade
  • Trade Status: team members can change the status of a trade
  • Edit Suppliers: team member can add or remove suppliers
  • Stripe KYC: allows team member to interface with Stripe Know Your Customer account information
  • Payments General: allows team member to make payments on the platform
  • Offer and Acceptance: allows team member to accept offers from the Klear platform
  • Suggestions for Approval: allows team member to accept or deny any suggestions made from other team members on the platform

Who can set a user’s permissions?

Only account owners (the person who created your organization’s account on) can set permissions. 

When account owners add new team members, they will see the permission settings for that user (see below) and can immediately set the permissions they want that user to have. When a non-account owner adds a team member, they have no control over that team member’s permissions, which are automatically set to default.

Who can edit permissions?

Only account owners can edit permissions. They can do that by clicking on the slider button for a user displayed on the “Teams” page (see below). More information about editing permissions can be found here.

I have the wrong permissions. What should I do?

To change your permissions, you’ll have to contact your account owner. You can direct them to this article for instructions on editing permissions.

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